Entrepreneur-friendly Subscription Based E-commerce

Easiest way to turn you visitors into recurring customers!

We are not interested in your income!!

No fees, commissions per process!

We will build your site brand-new!

Get a contract from us and we will design your site for free and from scratch!

We will move your current site for free!

Not satisfied with your site? Decide and leave it to us!

We are constantly renewing!

We are constantly improving our infrastructure with the things we learn from you and work for the better!

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Our customers who prefer us

All our customers are elite and privileged, and they are way ahead their rivals!

Didem Bakır, Founder of Unibble.com

I’m an entrepreneur. I scrutinise everything. If you are a neat worker, the life gets harder than usual. I needed an infrastructure open for improvement for my idea, brand and products. Founded Unibble for eating both healthy and delicious nibbles for the snacks during work. With Zebrapos, my work got way easier. Thanks Zebrapos!

Emre Erçin, Lazika.com Co-Founder

We need politeness and care in our lives. It is imperative that we work harder than usual and be sensitive. Lazika is a brand made with politeness and care. We preferred Zebrapos in order to continue our sensitive work in production. If everyone does their job, life gets easier.

Never a truer word spoken.

Our customers knows us best.

I want the best not only for my dogs, but also for myself and for my work. I have to work hard for it. With Zebrapos, we can concentrate on our own business.We are progressing with the acceleration and we are never think the development of the software.

Foodpawty.com Kurucusu

We interfered into the situation in a world where it is getting harder and harder to have a little joy and spend time together. We founded Boxofus to make people happy and remind this feeling more often. Of course, your partners have to be strong in this process. It is not enough to create a brand and design a website! Continuum is essential. For a stable improvement, we work with Zebrapos and we are very content.

Yasemen Aydın
Boxofus.com Founder

Subscription-based E-commerce Advanced Features

Everything from different subscription packets and delivery method to advanced billing features!


Subscription Management

You can send any subscription products monthly, weekly and daily. Either you can send a surprise box or your customer can choose their own box! With the help of advanced subscription product module, everything is so easy! Your corporate customers can be subscribed with just a click through the corporate subscription module!


Advanced Campaign Management

For your subscription orders, apply whatever campaign setup in any delivery, skyrocket your sales! You can apply catalogue product and basket discounts to both subscription and individual products.


Smart Delivery Management

Specify your holidays, freeze your subscription. The Smart Delivery Management automatically determines your delivery dates for you.


Bulk Billing

With just a click, bill your hundreds of deliveries! You can put whichever content you want in your bill with the help of advanced billing editor immediately.

That’s not all

You can manage your all subscription systems ranging from coupon usage reports and advanced customer segmentation features to your regular payment plan.


Advanced User Management

You can follow your all proceedings of your panel users, thus assuming the direct control on the operation! With the reportable and transparent operation management, raise your efficiency!


Customer Relations Management

Group your customers in terms of demography and buying habits and make separate campaigns for each group, ensuring maximum conversion.



Integrate your contractual cargo and payment means! Have a better understanding of your customers with the measurement tools such as Google Tag Manager and Analytics.


We do not want to share your income, we want to be a partner for your success.

Your Questions

If you should have any unanswered questions here, ask us.

What is Subscription-based E-Commerce?

Subscription-based E-Commerce is a sales model in which your customers regularly buy products and services. Your customers can subscribe to your products and services like they subscribe to magazines and newspapers.

Do you design a new website for free?

We don’t charge for setup and designing apart from subscription. With your 24-month contract with us, we originally develop your website and publish it. For detailed information, please contact us.

Can I move my current website?

For your 12-month contract with us,we help you move your all data we can access and visual designs provided you supply the required access information.

Do you get a commission?

No. We don’t want you to spend your capital and energy when you are just starting a business. We don’t charge except for the subscription system.

Can I have my website without a contract?

Yes. You can publish your site on condition that you pay the required setup and visual design fees. For detailed information, please contact us.

How long does it take to prepare the subscription-based e-commerce site?

Publishing a subscription-based e-commerce site takes time ranging from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the customer’s needs.

Can I switch plans?

Of course! After the completion of pre-setup processes of your choice done on the switching between plans, you can make a seamless switch without losing your current customers and product data.

Can I export abroad?

Yes. You can make sales in many countries in different languages and currencies and integrated with local service providers.

Are there still questions in your mind?

Leave your contact details, and we shall contact you and answer all your questions.

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